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“Lets Sing It!” Playing Cards and “Who Said That?” Playing Cards

Concept Ideas has Patented the concept of incorporating the lyrics of popular songs onto a Deck of Playing Cards.

The original idea was conceived over 14 years ago at a remote Resort on the island of Borneo. From that point onwards, years of research was then spent on the concept and developing the idea further, negotiating copyright use of lyrics, and to find an appropriate delivery medium to make popular songs’ lyrics available to friends and family in many social situations for hours of interactive singing fun and entertainment.

That delivery medium turned out to be the humble Deck of Playing Cards. Most households across the World have a Deck of Playing Cards and it was considered that by offering this unique combination of lyrics on the face of Playing Cards, any group of friends and family could join in song to recite some of the more popular songs of their generation or occasion.

The Patent includes a fun set of suggested rules which incorporates singing, with an open invitation to create one’s own set of novel rules amongst family & friends!

Professional market research conducted by Footprints Market Research in March 2011 validated the appeal and feasibility of the concept. Based on the unanimous positive response from the focus groups of differing age ranges (21-44yrs / 45yrs & upwards), the initial Series of Concept Playing Cards for development and commercial release are due late 2011.

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For more details please To view our sensitive proprietary Patents information, make that request via our contact us webpage and we will provide a unique username & password.