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Who We Are & What We Do

Concept Ideas was formed to be the stable house for our Patented novel ideas that take advantage of untapped niche opportunities I have identified over a number of years in a diverse spectrum of fields.

Fields as varied as Aviation Advertising & Honour Titles, Novelty Playing Cards, Gym Equipment, Watch Fashion Design, Interactive Scientific World time clock design, Aviation themed Gallery & Cafe Lounge, and many more.

On my global travels I am continually amazed and intrigued that even in this day and age, as technology unfolds every day, there are still fascinating and unique ideas, that combined, form the basis of some truly exciting opportunities.

Concept Ideas is the vehicle to nurture and develop these imaginative and creative ideas, taking them from inception to business reality.

If imagination was an energy source, then Concept Ideas would be a powerhouse fuelled by unbounded possibilities. Many say “Why Do it?” At Concept Ideas we say “Why Not!”

My creative consultant, Andre Sidler, and I, invite you to regularly visit our websites and follow the Concept Ideas journey.